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Eating in the Raw

Carolatleatingintheraw_6Big names definitely put the rawfood lifestyle on the map in 2004. Demie Moore, Woody Harrelson, ummm... this guy on the right (Andy Dick) and America's favorite Sports Illustrated-hottie turned rawie, Carol Alt.

Carol Atl's new book, Eating in the Raw, recently took its place atop USA Today's Best Selling List. (Via Carol's website):

"Carol would like to thank her readers for their encouragement and support because she was recently named to the USA Today’s Best Selling Author List. Carol’s new book Eating in the Raw sold out on its first run after being on the shelves for only two and a half weeks."

Not only are we ecstatic that thousands of individuals will hear what's truly possible on a rawfood diet, but the prospect of seeing more beautiful women stay that way is something we can support wholeheartedly.  (Non-selfish reasons of course)

Thanks Carol Alt, for making the world a much more beautiful place.


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