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Jubb's Longevity of Manhattan, in NY Times

DavidjubbIf you are visiting Jubb's Longevity in Manhattan, don't be surprised if you run into a few raw-celebrities (we don't want to drop any names), hear some incredible cancer recovery stories and get persuaded into seriously thinking about drinking your own urine at the same time.

Via the The New York Times

"Dr. Jubb, who speaks in arcane terms about life forces, energies and enzymes, does not look like someone who, as he claims, has eaten very little for almost a decade. Rosy-cheeked and fit at 170 pounds, he is a scuba diver, wilderness hiker and yoga practitioner. He is also quick to admit that he is something of an on-and-off breatharian.

He further explains that the practice does not involving eating nothing all the time, but rather very little most of the time. "I've had tea nearly every day, and a bit of honey," he said. "And I absolutely live off my own urine." The practice of drinking one's own urine is a medicinal therapy popular in China and elsewhere, cited as a panacea for toxicity and disease."

Luckily urine is not on the menu at Jubbs. However, raw onion rings, raw breakfast cereal and almond milk are.

Jubbs Longevity
508 East 12th Street (@ Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009

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