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Raw Food Diet

What is the Raw Food Diet?

"The raw food diet (or living foods diet) is a dietary regimen consisting of uncooked and unprocessed organic foods. Most of the foods consumed on this diet are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Some followers of the diet also consume raw meat and dairy products, although most follow a vegan regimen, as animal products normally need to be cooked in order to be safe for consumption. (Dairy products are pasteurized, eggs are cooked to avoid salmonella, and many meats need to be cooked in order to avoid parasite or diseases.) The exact definition of raw food varies, but the general consensus is that a food is considered raw if it has not been heated to more than 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius), and if it has not been frozen. 

A raw foodist is a person who consumes only raw food. There is some debate over what quantity of raw food intake actually identifies one as a raw foodist. Most can agree that if someone eats 75% or more of their food as raw, they are a raw foodist." From Wikipedia:

Why Raw food?:
All health is cellular health. What is best for your cells is best for your health. Cells thrive in environments that are abundant in what they need and they experience dis-ease in environments that are not, (you are what you eat). Eating a diet that is rich in raw fruits and vegetables provides your cells with minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are traditionally lost through the cooking process.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is itching for a fight.

More on Why Raw Foods?:

Super Model Carol Alt: "Cooked food does not feed the body, yet people want us to eat cooked food because it lasts longer on the shelf and there's more money on the bottom line." 

Author & CEO David Wolfe: "Raw plant food is beautiful. Creating and eating this food is an art. Every ingredient is a new color. Each meal is a cloud or a stream or a flower - a piece of the magnificent painting that you are becoming. Every bite is a detailed brush stroke on your work of art in progress. What we see as the world is only a reflection of the work of art we are inside. We find that once we become pure and polished within, everything outside of us also becomes that and more. To me, the raw vegan ideal represents not only a way to live in peace, love, and harmony with Nature and the animals, but also it represents the highest aspirations of beauty in the human spirit."

Chef & Author Roxanne Klien: "Living foods are the key to our health and longevity. They allow our bodies to perform as they were meant to. Our bodies have evolved over a four million year period. For 3,950,000 of those years we ate only raw, living foods. It is only recently that we have begun eating cooked food. When we look at other mammals in nature, we do not see any significant incidence of the diseases that have become pervasive in humans. No cancer, heart disease, strokes or diabetes.

Author T.C. Fry: "In nature all animals eat living foods as yielded up by Nature. Only humans cook their foods and only humans suffer widespread sicknesses and ailments. Those humans who eat mostly living foods are more alert, think clearer, sharper and more logically and become more active. Best of all, live food eaters become virtually sickness-free!"


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