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Rawfoods is not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

One of the challenges that individuals face when they begin to explore the world of rawfoods is that they think eating raw food is the same as eating rawfoods.

What's the difference?

Let's say you are a rawfoodist, and you are having a conversation with someone who is not. The conversation contines till you drop the raw bomb on them and you are met with wide-eyed, skeptical silence.  After they let go of the concept that you may be insane or in a cult, the next step is they try to imagine how it must be.

Rawfoodvsrawfoods_3So, naturally, they picture you doing everything just like them. They can picture you at T.G.I. Fridays sitting in a booth and telling the waiter you want carrots, bananas and lemon water. They can picture you at your wedding, with your spouse-to-be, flashing big smiles as you cut into your big, beautiful, cabbage. Finally, they can totally see you at the corner butcher asking for your slab of raw meat.

Let's break this down...

"Rawfood" is food that is raw (uncooked, unprocessed, unfiltered…a lot of other un’s). "Rawfoods" (or raw-foods) is a lifestyle. A "Rawfoodist" is one who partakes in the world/lifestyle of rawfoods. The difference is one space, but the meaning is profound.

Millions of people eat raw food everyday; a banana here, some lettuce there. However, that doesn't make them someone who eats rawfoods.

The Rawfood’s lifestyle means to live in the spirit of abundance.  It includes how you treat people around you, your appreciation and connection to life, what information you intake, where you spend your dollar, your professional life, ethical choice, the clothes on your back, and the list goes on.

More to come on this topic, for now, we'll leave you with some practical material. John Kohler on Is it Raw or Not?


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