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How to beat emotional eating

Frédéric Patenaude, the "no-none sense" raw-food-coach, has some helpful tips for individuals having challenges with emotional eating. Frédéric first suggestion is that one understand the difference between true forms of hunger and false forms of hunger:

Signs of True Hunger

  • The stomach “aspirates”
  • The mouth salivates
  • The mind is optimistic, clear, and happy
  • A pleasant sensation in the throat
  • Hunger persists when we wait

Signs of False Hunger

  • Dry mouth, coated tongue, bad breath
  • Headaches
  • Rumblings in the stomach
  • The mind is spacey, unclear, the spirit pessimistic
  • Stomach cramps and pains, nausea
  • Hunger disappears when we wait.

"How to Beat Emotional Eating", in the latest version of the "Pure Health & Nutrition E-Zine" by Frédéric Patenaude.


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