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This Crazy Cooked World

All one must do, to realize the extent of our collective human madness, is read the top headlines of the week. Here at We Like It Raw we bring you a new weekly feature called This Crazy Cooked World. A feature where we review the funny, sometimes sad, headlines that relate to the topics of health, disease, food, and our environment.

Meat industry pissed at study of the obvious
Pancreatic Cancer Linked To Processed Meats.

A new excuse for why people get fat
You were born with the Midnight Snacking Gene.

Midnight Snacking Gene Creates Need for Oversize Caskets
With so many more Americans having the Midnight Snacking Gene, funeral directors are meeting demand with oversize caskets.

Police Arrest Woman Who Claims She Found Finger In Chili
When police and health officials failed to find any missing digits among the workers involved in the restaurant's supply chain, suspicion fell on Ayala, whose story has become a late-night punch line.

Man Catches Fire During Surgery
The two-year-old incident became publicly known after an anonymous letter sent to the media mentioned it as a sign of unsafe health care at the hospital, and said the patient burned to death.


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