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Door to Door Durian

Raw_durianIf you don't live in a major city or can't seem to find a local Asian market, chances are you've never tasted the King of Fruits. Fear not, your opportunity has arrived.

The Raw Bakery, the wonderful folks who brought us Raw Snakkers, is selling durian to the masses via their website:

"Imagine the best, most delicious, and sensuous banana pudding you can imagine, add just a touch of butterscotch, vanilla, peach, pineapple, strawberry, and almond flavors, and a surprising twist of — garlic??!! Like many of life’s greatest experiences, eating durian cannot be adequately described with words. Durian has a characteristic delicious flavor, creamy texture, and tantalizing fragrance that is just... durian! — the king of fruits, Nature’s most magnificent fruit gift."

If you have tried durian before, you know it doesn't come cheap. And because of its smelly nature, this spiky fruit requires overnight shipment too.

  • $ 4.00 / 4 oz
  • $ 7.50 / 8 oz
  • $ 14.00 / 16 oz

But wait! Before you go durian crazy, take some words of wisdom from the author of Raw Secrets:

"In my opinion, frozen durians cannot be a staple of any diet. I know for a fact that they are heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals. Perhaps those chemicals don't make their ways into the fruit flesh because of the tough skin, but I'm not sure of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d be irradiated. The other problem is that the fruit is frozen. I do not consider frozen fruits to be fresh foods. Sure, I do eat them occasionally, but they are not optimal, especially if they are eaten cold. Eating cold (frozen) fruit is the equivalent of putting an ice pack in the stomach. All digestion stops, and indigestion follows. But even if you eat your frozen durian fully thawed, it is still no longer a fresh food and in my opinion only fresh foods can be the staple of the diet."

Our take? If you've never tried a durian, go for it!


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