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Eating Raw Is Just Not For Me

At We Like It Raw, our favorite version of raw-comedy is intense forum conversations. Some of the funniest conversations in our community get written up in forums, (the humor is in the intensity and the seriousness of the tone). So its only natural that we take this delight of ours and share it with you. This comes via the Nature's First Law Forums:

Top 10 Reasons why "Eating Raw Is Just Not For Me"
by "Colino"

"6) I've never seen a more pasty looking bunch of people than at a raw potluck. Honestly, whether or not I have my SAD specs on, they all look like they could do with a big plate of pasta, a glass of wine and some convivial company, instead of hovering over a dirt-tasting kale salad asking if the olives in it are raw."

To which one author replies:

"I personally have friends and family who have died or are dieing from the diet that you are a proponent of. They were not overeaters, not fat in any way, but are sick to the point of death nonetheless. I also have personal friends who have cured, wholly, mortal illnesses. So, quite frankly, f$%k you for promoting such a diet."

Top 10 Reasons why "Eating Raw Is Just Not For Me"
by "Colino"

"1) Sustainability: my number one concern about this way of eating is the damage to the planet. I live in Northern Europe. Most of the fresh food I buy cannot be grown locally, so it has to be flown in, often from countries the other side of the world. This is not fair on the planet, and nor is it sustainable.

There is no way lychees, mangoes, avocadoes, passion fruits etc etc can be grown in the climate I live in and the energy to heat a greenhouse to grow such things would be counterproductive and wasteful. I've realised by creating demand for such fruits is selfish on future generations.

2) No matter how much raw food I eat, I am always hungry, or on the edge of hunger. I never, ever felt satisfied. I've tried everything from food combining, mono eating, fasting, eating handfuls of nuts (SICK of nuts) throughout the day, but always, always hungry.

3) I absolutely cannot abide the "cult" of raw foodism. It seems to appeals to many weirdos and whackos who one would never normally associate with, and who generally belong back in the 1960s in some daft commune. It's really hard to ever find "normal" people (for want of a better expression) who eat raw. There's always some other spiritual and yoga-fulled agenda going on that I just don't get.

4) Most raw fooders I've met have serious issues with food, and eating raw seems to be offer them enough of an extreme answer. Many of those I've met have this desire to identify themselves with what they put in their mouths. The movement also panders to food snobbery and piousness of the highest order.

I cannot bear it when people ask you, "What percentage raw are you?" What? What kind of a daft question is that? From when? My last meal or my whole life? I hate the reverence people give those who claim to be 100% raw.

4) The mania this diet causes: "Is it RAW?" is the only question that seems to matter. No matter that what they're eating might be dangerous and unhealthful, as long as it never went near an oven, that's all that matters.

5) Fashions in raw foodism: it's risible the way fashions come and go. One year it was Nature's Green Superfood, the next it was Goji Berries, then it was Durian, and this year it's freakin' cacao. What makes me laugh most of all are the accounts people give of how these "superfoods" changed their lives. "I was lonely and depressed until I found xxx". I just don't buy it. It's all a clever way of extracting hard-earned $$$s from our pockets into those that sell this junk. Here's a thing: who in life would ever eat raw cacao? Who has access to that stuff without the use of fossil-fuel burning aeroplanes that muck up the planet?

6) I've never seen a more pasty looking bunch of people than at a raw potluck. Honestly, whether or not I have my SAD specs on, they all look like they could do with a big plate of pasta, a glass of wine and some convivial company, instead of hovering over a dirt-tasting kale salad asking if the olives in it are raw.

7) Bread: I don't care how bad it might be for me. There's nothing I like more than a piece of stoneground wholewheat bread with fresh lightly organic butter. That nourishes me more (or feels like it does) than a five-leaf salad, any day.

8) Green juice: it tastes vile. If I start retching when I drink it, that's my body saying "Don't!". I am listening to my body, yet I am told this is the wonder juice of all times. Our bodies were not meant to take in that amount of green all at once, hence the NATURAL tough fiber of the plant. I think it's better to lightly steam greens and soften them slightly rather than strip the fiber away completely and ask my body to deal with that noxious liquid.

9) Dehydrated food: ie, partially cooked. What's the point? This is what makes me laugh: in one thread people are all going on about how we must observe chimps and how they eat to get clues as to how WE should eat, and in the next going on about dehydrator treats! I'll look a bit more closely next time I'm in the jungle and see what the chimps put on their dehydrated pizzas.

All the dehydrated food I made sucked big time. There's an Excalibur nine-tray for sale if anyone's interested.

10) Supplements and superfoods: I thought the raw diet was perfect? Why would I need to supplements? Also, I didn't want to mess about with B12 deficiency. It's not pretty. The cost of some of these dubious superfoods is crazy, and shame, shame, shame on the individuals who promote them.

Conclusion: I've found the best diet to be one that people ate perhaps 100 years or so ago. Locally grown fruit and veg in season, organic wherever possible, eaten in good company and slowly, and most importantly of all, NOT TO EXCESS. Not to excess, and not to excess. I wonder how many others started this raw diet because of a weight problem? I did, and for me, all it did was mess me up even more because it never satisfied hunger.

The problem with food today is there's too much available at all times of the day. We need to stop this mad relationship we have with food, to stop the obsession about how many grams of x, y, or z in it, whether or not it's raw, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Eat to live, go and get other interest and stop obsessing about food combinations, is it raw. It makes you boring to listen to and boring to be around.

Peace to all.

Over and out."

Via the Nature's First Law Forums


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This was copied and pasted from a website without my permission.

This sort of behavior is well-documented in the raw food world. Beware.


Dhrumil Purohit

This is great!

* For our formal response, please visit the Nature's First Law Forums.

The Watcher


After persuing the issue on the Nature's First Law Forum, I have come to one conclusion.

For a raw vegan forum, there sure is a lot of beef on board.

Aphrodite's Girl

Haaa, Haaaa it is a very funny post!! I originally read it on Nature's First Law Forum & though I love Raw & Living foods still got a good laugh when reading "Eating Raw is Just Not For Me".


Let's not fight about our food choices. Let's not make fun of or put down others who eat differently. Let's realize that we each have total and complete freedom of choice, and make our choices based on the health needs and enjoyment of our body, mind and spirit.

Raw food has saved me from disability, illness and depression. I eat raw and drink green smoothies (yum) and am full and content. But occasionally I love a wonderful bit of bread and something cooked. I've learned over the years that being fanatic is not for me, but being careful is. The more I eat raw, the healthier I become, and the more I can focus my energy on my personal interests and loved ones (rather than focusing on food and health concerns).

The point is to eat as natural as possible, to live in harmony with the earth and with each other as much as possible, and to find and live out our dreams as much as possible.


Brilliant! I loved this!


what i don't understand is why people have to attack things that are different. the author of this essay obviously knows a bit about health. then why aren't they creating attacks on alcoholics and chain smokers? but if raw isn't for you, then don't eat like that. but don't tell others how to live.


O.K. that was funny! We (humans) need to not be so judgemental of others that don't do it like we do. I'm not a fanatic but eat as much raw as I can because I choose to live in the best health for this life. God created amazing healing properties in fruits and vegetables...not in Froot Loops (that's a man made food by the way).

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