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Health Care & Sick Care

SonavivrawfoodMost "Health Care" in the United States is actually "Sick Care". That's why most of the nearly 2 trillion dollars spent on "Health Care" every year is spent in the last 60 days of an individuals life. Of the remaining money, very little of that is spent on preventive measures.

If you've been diagnosed with a terminal disease and you want fear, lack of hope, and mis-education - stick with the status quote. Continue reading US News to find the best hospitals in your area, continue learning about the latest and greatest medical procedures from your Nightly News, and continue making bankruptcy plans.

If you are looking for options though, options of hope, abundance, health, understanding & true wellness, think outside the system.

For some individuals that includes self healing, for others, it may require further support. If you are looking for deeper and complete support there are true Health Care centers that can accomidate. One of the highest recomended centers is the Sonaviv Medical Institute (intro video).

We Like It Raw is not affliated with Sonaviv nor have we been there, however it has come highly recomended from close friends and the raw-network. We could rave about what we've heard, but we'd rather let Sonaviv speak for themselves, (if you've heard anything, post in the comments section).

Sonaviv Video Testimonials (Name & Condition)

Sonaviv Case Studies


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I think our healthcare system simply reflects our "sick" culture by providing "sick care"...and for that I can't blame them.

I mean, if I was going to point the finger at the healthcare system then I'd have to point the finger at the food industry, auto industry, and then point at myself for all the things I do everyday that contribute to my own poor health and to the health of the world... I mean, even the production of the labtop I'm typing on probably relied on all kinds of toxic chemicals in order to be created. and maybe those chemicals are in someone's water supply, ya know?


So in the end, everything causes everything.

Andrew Spark

We need to change the health system and aware people to any change circumstances in health care.

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