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In Home Training

CheftrainingrawTired of un-cook books and web-how-to's? Need some hands on raw-training? Well then you might want to consider calling Karen Kevala Parker of Raw Food For Real People.

Karen is not only a raw-food coach, but she also provides In Home Training for individuals looking to get a deeper understanding of the world of raw-foods:

"Of most importance, though, is an organic shift away from a theoretical model (ie an approach that's based on information-thinking about what one should do rather than undergo the action) towards a whole lifestyle that is hands-on, very practical and based on present situation."

Here Is What You Receive

  • Written Culinary Manual including training program recipes
  • Wellness Kitchen's Culinary Charts for easy recipe execution and creating new dishes
  • Advisement on Groceries and Packaged Foods
  • Follow-Up phone call
  • Yoga Instruction
  • Shelf and Refrigerator Stocking
  • Multiple Demonstrations and How-To Presentations
  • Dinner Party hosting and presentation

Our Thoughts
Karen comes highly recommended by a whole host of raw-food authors and educators. With this in mind, we'd say, if you have the dough, ($375 for one day, $700 for two days), want to learn quick and are someone who needs a lot of hands-on attention, go for it!


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