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Philly's Little Secret

Kindcafe1Raw-food Gems are popping-up all around the country. Part of the fun in eating a raw-food diet is discovering these, sometimes, hidden treasures.

One of our favorite gems is a little place in Philadelphia called Kind Cafe.

Kind Cafe serves both raw-vegan and cooked-vegan dishes. This makes it an ideal location for both raw-food enthusiast and individuals who are just beginning's to explore healthier ways of eating.

Kindcafe4_1Some Kind Cafe Tid-bits:

- On any given day, expect to run into a few hippies, a couple of entrepreneurs, well-known politicians, some raw-vegans, and a group of people trying to recover from their SAD Diet.

- Kind Cafe is owned and operated by KC McQuillan, a critical care nurse with a masters degree in nutrition who has been refining her practice for almost 20 years.

- Recently, Kind Cafe was awarded the New Profiteer Business Venture Award from the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia.Kindcafe3_6

We Like It Raw's Kind Cafe Recommendations

  • Raw Pizza
  • Kale Salad
  • Berry Smoothie
  • Sun Burger
  • Marinated Broccoli

Kind Cafe 
724 North 3rd StreetKindcafe2_2
Philadelphia PA, 19123-2904
Phone: 215-922-KIND (5463)
Email: info@kindcafe.com 

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