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Raw Agave?

RawagaveLooks like the raw-food community is up to some agave muckraking. Via: 'From SAD To RAW':

"Agave Nectar is a natural sweetener taken from the Agave cactus plant. There are many different opinions on whether Agave Nectar is truly raw or not. Therefore, I've contacted several of the companies that produce or distribute the Agave Nectar and asked them to clarify their interpretation or explanation of Agave Nectar - whether it is raw or not, whether it can be made raw or not, and whether they sell it raw or not.

Below are their responses to my question, "Please tell me the temperature that Agave Nectar is produced at. There is a big discussion right now to determine if Agave Nectar is a raw food or if it is cooked." Now, you have information straight from the horse's mouth, so you can make up your own mind."

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