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Raw Food Diet in the News

"Raw food power behind this hike"
"Eating only raw foods, with a mission to raise awareness for his alternative diet and money for some of its biggest advocates, Walsh set out last week on Earth Day to hike the entire Continental Divide Trail over the next five months, starting in New Mexico and ending in Canada."

"Professor says we are what we eat"
German professor says raw food diet not ideal. "In German research studies on the effects on humans of following a raw food diet, the results show that humans eating only raw food are hungry, experience weight loss and, in the case of women, quit having regular menstrual cycles, which means that the rate of reproduction is precariously lowered."

Raw-food dieters' light bones may be healthy
"Vegetarians who don't cook their food have abnormally low bone mass, usually a sign of osteoporosis and increased fracture risk. But a School of Medicine research team has found that raw-food vegetarians have other biological markers indicating their bones, although light in weight, may be healthy."


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