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Sustainability Is OUT, Eco-Effectiveness Is IN

It's time to go beyond what you think you know about "sustainability". Time to go beyond eco-footprints, beyond recycling, beyond stricter environmental regulations, and beyond an anti-business mentality. Why? Three words: Growth Is Good!

Say good-bye to Sustainability and hello to Eco-Effectiveness, an approach based on abundance and nature where: 1) growth is good, 2) effectiveness is more important than efficiency & 3) Waste = food.

Via Newsweek's Designing The Future Series - An interview with William McDonough:

NW: "So growth is good?"

WM: Yes, if you use nature as a model and mentor, if you use modern designs and chemicals that are safe. Growth is destructive if you use energy not from the sun and a system of chemicals that is toxic, so it's anti-life."

NW: "Given that industry today fits your definition of anti-life, why aren't you fighting for stricter environmental regulations?"

WM: "If coal plants release mercury—and mercury is a neurotoxin that damages children's brains—then reducing the amount of mercury in emissions doesn't stop that. It just says, "We'll tell you at what rate you can dispense death." Being less bad is not being good. Our idea is to make production so clean, there's nothing bad left to regulate. This is extremely interesting to people of all political persuasions—those who love the environment and those who want commerce free of regulation."

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