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The Raw Tipping Point?

WholefoodlogoWhat happens when the world's leading retailer of natural and organic foods says we like it raw?

Whole Food's flagship store in Austin, Texas just recently launched a "Living Foods Bar" aka "Raw Bar". The bar features both fresh meals and packaged items that are prepared at temperatures below 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Examples of some freshly prepared items include Raw Falafel & Raw Meat Loaf. Packaged items include Nature's First Law Goji Berries & Raw Chocolate.

Do you live in or are you planning on being in the Austin, Texas area? Here is the question: Even if you aren't raw, how could you not check this out? Another great story from Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Market Austin - Landmark Store

525 N Lamar, Austin, TX 78703
512.476.1206 - 512.476.5704 fax
Store hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week
more store info and calendar


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