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Wellness for the Hip Hop Community


In many parts of the world, especially here in the United States, low income = exceptionally poor diets. Not only are fruits and vegetables (relatively) expensive, but they just aren't readily accessible in urban communities. Mini marts and Mc-Garbage franchises with secret sauces of addiction supply the demand for hunger, and in the end, there is very little room or incentive for CO-OPs and farmers markets to flourish.

All that being said, urban wellness and black health consciousness are on the rise, (yes, things are getting better and worse at the same time!) With community mentors such as hip hop mogal Russel Simmons, artist Erica Badu, rappers Common, KRS-One, & Andre 3000 all on the vegan, vegetarian and alkaline train, the African American community is slowly making holistic health a priority.

Via the Seattle Times:

"Meanwhile, vegetarianism is gaining popularity not only in hip-hop but in black communities across the nation. An informal survey of African-American vegetarians on the Web site www.blackvegetarians.org reveals that the top three reasons given for eliminating meat are health (34 percent), ethical reasons (14 percent) and spiritual or religious reasons (12 percent)."

More on this subject to come. In the mean time, check out these great Hip Hop & Wellness Links:


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