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Dhrumil Purohit

Dhrumilwlir Name: Dhrumil Purohit
Location: Delaware / NYC
Email: rawfood@gmail.com
AIM: youngsiddhartha

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Every day we tell a few stories on this blog. Because these stories have a theme (health, wellness, independence, abundance, presence, beauty, spirituality, joy, peace & fun) they create a larger story. That story is the story of raw-foods.

An extremely important aspect of any story is the person doing the telling.

On that note: My name is Dhrumil (Drew-mill).

I've been eating a pretty much 100% raw almost-vegan (I do eat honey) supplemented diet for 5 years now and yes I know it doesn't work for everyone. Sorry, I really don't have any amazing before & after photos.

My raw-mentors primarily include David Wolfe, Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D & David Jubb, but I have read and am familiar with the works of Ann Wigmore, John & Rhonda Malkmus, Shazzie, Victoras Kulvinskas, Paul Nison, Doug Graham, Norman W. Walker, T.C. Fry, Robert Young, Herbert Shelton, Arnold Ehret and a host of others.

My feeling about the raw-food-diet is that when it is done with attention & presence it works, and when isn't, it doesn't. Raw-food is a vehicle and that's pretty much it. Raw-food alone is nothing except food that is raw. The relative power in the diet comes when it brings a sense of peace and joy to a subject matter that most people worry a lot about - health.

I'm sure there will be plenty other chances for "soap box" moments, but for now, back to work.

p.s. Did I mention I appreciate your readership? And if you think we suck, please send us some tips.

Update: Nirav Sheth, Deepen Shah, Mihir Kothari, Sandeep Sood and Sarma Melngailis are also all authors at the site.


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