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Detox Diets Doubted

Question: What is more real than a Reuters wire story or some experts opinion about what your diet should or shouldn't look like?

Your own experience.

Via: Reuters.com - Benefits of 'detox' diets doubted

Detox diets are nothing new, having been used in the traditional healing systems of India and other cultures for thousands of years. Some advocates argue that a periodic detox is more important now than ever, given the exposures of modern living-including food additives, heavy metals such as mercury, pesticides, and hormones from animal products.

But critics say the theory has no grounding in science, and at worst, could be dangerous for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, or for children, teenagers, pregnant women and older adults.

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Detox diets are spreading because they work*. And when things really work, we tell people, and they tell people.

100,000+ deaths a year from prescription drug reactions and interactions doesn't work, but what does, is individuals taking control of their own health.


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