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It is official....Red Meat Will Kill You

Readmeat_1This is huge!

"Eating two portions of red meat a day increases a person's risk of getting bowel cancer by 35 percent compared with those who only eat meat once a week, a study by a World Health Organization research group shows."
Via Bloomberg.com

Here is something funny. Pretend you are a smoker. If someone told you that smoking two cigarettes a day increased your chances of developing cancer by 35%, (I'm sure it is much more than that), would you go down to one cigarette a week, or would you stop cold turkey? Luckily red meat isn't as addictive as cigarettes.

This study is a great start and an indication of trends to come. So what's next? Here is our pick:

  • Hormones In Chicken increase chances for Breast Cancer in young women
  • Mercury in Raw-Sushi increase chances for Alzheimer's
  • Study shows Raw-Food Diet reverses Heart Disease

Thanks to tipster Mamta Jain for the link


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