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More UK Rawfood

The vegetable monologues
The Observer - Sunday June 12, 2005

Dr Gillian McKeith, food guru extraordinaire and presenter of the Channel 4 series You Are What You Eat, is not the kind of person who ever has a sudden urge for a Mars bar. 'Never! she cries. Her favoured treat is a carob fudge brownie delight. You can find the recipe for this delicacy on page 225 of the You Are What You Eat Cookbook. The basic ingredients are: dates, raisins, flax seeds and carob powder. You whizz everything together in a food processor, spread the mixture over a large baking tray, then freeze it for an hour. Mmm, delicious. But where's the fudge? 'It's amazing,' she says, looking at my face, which is puckered with displeasure. 'You'd never know it's not chocolate, yet it's raw. Wonderful!' So what's for dinner tonight? 'A black-eyed bean stew, and an amazing miso soup with kohlrabi and pak choi.' Hmm. In this country, kohlrabi is usually fed to cattle.

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