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Raw Food Diet for Cats

RawfoodcatOver at Low Carb Luxury, there is a great article on The Raw Food Diet for Cats. The author, Andrea Rogers, is not a veterinarian, but she does have first hand experience with her own cats.

One of the funny things about this article is how much sense it makes. We say funny because, in a way, the article makes too much sense.

Here is why. There are many great insights that the author makes on how un-natural and processed foods promote disease in cats. So many, that the next obvious question is, "If raw-food works for cats, why not humans too?"

Cats grew up, genetically speaking, on mostly raw-meat. Humans, mostly, if not totally, on stuff other than meat, but still raw. If eating what you genetically grew-up on = less disease and more energy, where does this whole low carb diet for humans fit in the picture?

Low Carb worked because it was about weight loss. It still is. However, short term weight loss has nothing to do with true health. If you keep stuffing yourself with mineral deficient, hormone pumped, genetically modified beef, eggs, pork, chicken and ham, after a while your body is going to go crazy, clog-up and become acidic.



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