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The Crisis of Perception

Deepakchopra Big Picture TV, "an online media channel that streams free video clips of global leaders in sustainability," is up to some amazing things. For one thing, their speakers list is the who's who of sustainability and eco effectiveness.

One of our favoriate eco/spiritual celebrities featured on Big Picture TV is Deepak Chopra:

"Dr Deepak Chopra explains how the environmental crisis directly challenges the way humanity perceives reality. Science has spent hundreds of years making distinctions that don’t really exist. As a result, we think of ourselves as separate from the environment. The reality, he explains, is that we humans are an integral part of the environment – and that the environment is part of us."

Click here to watch Chopra speak on the "The Crisis of Preception"

Other great minds brought to you via Big Picture TV:

Original Link Via: TreeHugger


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