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Top 10 Raw-Junk-Food Favorites (#10)

SushichipsNumber 10:

California Sushi Chips are awesome! Why? Well, it isn't just because they taste great. In fact taste is secondary here. Our primary enjoyment from this raw-food snack comes from the fact that they are supper fun to eat.

They are fun because they remind people of eating potatoes chips, and it doesn't hurt that they crunch in the same fashion. Every time you eat them, you get a story. A story of what it looks like to eat healthy junk-food.

From Audrey Pleasures:
"Think Nacho Cheese and you get an idea of what to expect. We put the Royal Cheez nut pate on the Nori Sheets. And because of the nice look (they reminded us of a sunset), we called them California Sushi Chips. The customers who tried it are raving. They make a great snack and are great for the little hunger."

More on Audrey's &
California Sushi Chips here


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