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Natalia Rose: Raw Food Detox Diet Clip

NataliaroseWe have a gut feeling that author Natalia Rose is going to be one prominent faces of Raw-Food 2.0*. She has a certain Sex In The City classiness that appeals to the hipsters and an intelligence that commands attention from serious health enthusiast as well.

The Raw Food Detox Diet, Natalia's second book, came out in May 2005 and since then Natalia has been bringing a lot traffic to the conversation of raw-food.

Watch Natalia Rose on Carolina's Channel 14 News: Raw Food Detox Diet Clip

More on Natalia Rose

*Raw-food 2.0 is the second coming of the raw-food movement. Instead of hippies, natural hygienist, communal living & wheat grass, think peak performance, supermodels, suburbia & super-foods.


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Linda M.

is it possible to lose too much weight just by changing to the "raw" diet?

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