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Raw-Food Drama: Is Thor Raw? Who Cares?

Naturesfirstlaw_dramaOn June 14, 2005, The San Diego Union-Tribune released a favorable article on the happenings of popular raw-food company Nature's First Law.

The article titled "Raw-food fervor starting to sprout" contained a photo (see right) of Nature's First Law founders, David Wolfe and Thor Bazler, aka Stephen Arlin. The photo, seemingly normal, has become the hottest topic of discussion over at the rawfood.com forums.

So hot in fact, that it has been reported that a few rawfood.com forum users have been banned for commenting on Thor weight. True or not, the attention has initiated a response from Thor himself.

If we're loosing you, the question at hand is - What the heck is Thor Bazler eating?

Why all the attention? Thor Bazler, formerly know as Stephen Arlin, is the author of the popular guide to raw-food & body building titled Raw Power. Not to mention the co-founder of the company responsible for Raw-Food 2.0*. With us now? The popular author of a raw-food-body-building guide isn't looking so raw.

Our take? Who cares? There is too much abundance in the world of raw-foods. Anyways, David Wolfe still looks good!

*I'd also like to add, on a personal note, that I'm very thankful for all the work that David & Thor have done. This weblog, other companies, various books are here because NFL took a chance and started something out of the back of their car trunk.


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