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Raw-Food Drama: Is Thor Raw? Who Cares?

Naturesfirstlaw_dramaOn June 14, 2005, The San Diego Union-Tribune released a favorable article on the happenings of popular raw-food company Nature's First Law.

The article titled "Raw-food fervor starting to sprout" contained a photo (see right) of Nature's First Law founders, David Wolfe and Thor Bazler, aka Stephen Arlin. The photo, seemingly normal, has become the hottest topic of discussion over at the rawfood.com forums.

So hot in fact, that it has been reported that a few rawfood.com forum users have been banned for commenting on Thor weight. True or not, the attention has initiated a response from Thor himself.

If we're loosing you, the question at hand is - What the heck is Thor Bazler eating?

Why all the attention? Thor Bazler, formerly know as Stephen Arlin, is the author of the popular guide to raw-food & body building titled Raw Power. Not to mention the co-founder of the company responsible for Raw-Food 2.0*. With us now? The popular author of a raw-food-body-building guide isn't looking so raw.

Our take? Who cares? There is too much abundance in the world of raw-foods. Anyways, David Wolfe still looks good!

*I'd also like to add, on a personal note, that I'm very thankful for all the work that David & Thor have done. This weblog, other companies, various books are here because NFL took a chance and started something out of the back of their car trunk.


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There are far too many raw ymmies out there! Raw cocoa, nuts, agave, dates and the like. You can create some pretty high calorie stuff with raw ingredients. I am afraid you can't eat raw chocolate to your hearts contnet and not gain weight! Maybe Thors been eating too much raw goodies!! Or it could just be a really bad picture!


Looks like he went back to cooked food. Perhaps the golden arches. lol

karen kellock

This is a very important topic--to minimize it forms too much internal discrepancy and contradiction with the promises of a rawfood diet. Raw food is supposed to be about health which is automatically reflected in APPEARANCE. Rawfood is propounded as the way for models and actresses to maintain their beauty. David wrote a book on beauty--so why would this topic not be important? The rawfood moguls must LOOK THE PART to prove their own promises of the diet. These two men look too broad in the face, usually indicating junk food or too many starches.


Did you know that outgassed chemicals from monitors, computers, and modems contain endocrine disruptors? I know raw or not, I always seemed to start turning into a fat blob when I'm on the computer a lot or watching TV a lot.

maybe he's just sensitive to computers. I got a bunch of info here about it:


i think computer outgas ruins the raw food diet for some people, including myself.

JP Hasselmeier

I discovered veganism in mid 80's, and raw foods in 1990. Having been a bodybuilder and athlete myself, I considered Arlin an authority. David told me himself that the last he heard of Stephen is that he went off to Idaho, but didn't know why. Was he eating different up there in that rugged country?

Michael Itani

I have been in a struggle to be raw and have an issue with over priced foods. Advantage takers in society who feed on your trust and make it hard to really be raw. Organic ,PC Gases;what ever you wanna use as the excuse the Parmesan Cheese lets stop looking to these educated demigods for all the know how and really trust ourselves and empower our wills. Hope you do the best for yourself and good luck to all. Remember to hug someone you love today.


I met Stephen Arlin 15 years ago when NFL was getting started. He was bulky then. He was built but definitely bulky and not thin. At that time he was eating pretty much just avocados, bananas and coconuts. Maybe his age, eating too much fat and cacao (I know raw chocolate puts weight on me!), too many processed raw foods, sitting too much, who knows. I remember when he had his first kid and he was so excited about it. He's really into his family and maybe he left NFL because he wanted to start a family business for his kids. And Idaho is a beautiful state that's very family centric. Regardless I wish him the best of luck. But the reality is that eating raw foods does not guarantee that you will never be fat, age or have emotional problems. I've met too many raw foodies who had all of these issues and then some. Trust your own judgement and incorporate what works best for your own body. And remember these people like David Wolfe may have some knowledge but they don't have all the answers. Like the guy above said, empower and trust yourself more than anyone else.

Art Konstantino

Look here. I saw David Wolfe 3 times in my life since 2000. He was all different weights and different looks as well. Identity crisis, we all go through it. So what. I am 56, 5'8", 15% body fat. In 2002, I was 3% fat and weighed 128. I was RAW! I did not have the urge to eat all the time. I did not take supplements. You can spend 2-300$ a mth on supplements and powders. Our bodies can only absorb so much nutrition at a time. When I consume heavy amounts of plant nutrition, my urine stinks up the house. My wife is the same. I do all the food prep work. We are both type o positive. She is Irish and I am Greek by my Dad and Irish by Mom. A lot of baloney has been taught to the people, such as raw food enzymes are necessary for the body. Bunk! Enzymes in food is for the growing fruit or vegetables. Those enzymes do NOT benefit our human body. Dr. Howell started this baloney years ago and it was not proven and is not true and yet all the so-called, self-appointed leaders are still teaching the same bunk. Food combining is now out of control. Dr. Shelton died a miserable death. He was not healthy. He died young. He meant well. He made food combining popular. Bunk. There is so much shame in many of the lives of these gurus.(alcohol, dairy eating, meat, junk food, adultery and so much more) We are all only human beings. We should only relate "our own" food experience with food to others. We are all different with different problems. But, we have to give an honest history. Showing up to date and near naked pictures always tells some of the truth. When I was eating at McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts every day, my body looked tight. 150 lbs of muscle. 8% body fat. I worked my butt off every day. I smoked cigars and drank coffee and alcohol like an idiot. But, I looked good. Now vegan, McDougall follower, I look thin but have lots of energy and I am very happy. I do feel bad when I see people dying right in front of me and I know it is the emotions and food that is killing them. They will not listen because they are drowning in their pain. People that live beyond 100 are usually very happy people that stay somewhat active and eat a variety of food and "drink" as well. They are not strict and anal like I have been, which I regret, but it was part of my "journey.". They have a strong sense of community. Listen to yourself on the inside. Love yourself first. Heal thyself. Then share what's left of your self with others if they want it. That's how I do it now. I am 57 in the beginning of December. That is my 2 cents worth. Some regrets, but that is OK. Thanks for this post.


I have been absolutely fascinated with Stephen Arlin's weight gain. He looks like he went back to eating burgers, pizza, fast food, drinking beer, etc. For a man selling raw products, to have written books on being raw and healthy, to look the way he does is criminal. But, it's also very intreguing!

What was it that sparked this massive weight gain? Was it the fallout with David Wolfe? Did he just not feel well on raw anymore and decided, "F it, I'm gonna eat pizza and drink beer again!" I'm extremely curious to have an interview with him and get some answers.

It is physically impossible to gain that much weight eating a raw food diet. It's possible to gain SOME weight if you eat like an idiot, but he honestly gained over 100 lbs of what appears to be pure fat. Again, I'm intrigued.

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