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Cafe Gratitude Reviewed - (Verdict: so good we went twice in one day)

The  We Like It Raw Squad is out and about again. This weekend we're exploring the raw scene in San Francisco, California. Our first stop, Cafe Gratitude, (photos).

Since this raw-spot has come so highly recommended from our San Fran corespondent Sandeep, we didn't waste much time getting from the airport to our table.

Almost everything on the menu is raw. There are a few cooked grains and hot teas, but if you are a raw enthusiast, it stills feels like being a kid in a candy store.

The Run Down: Priced well, wholesome environment (hippyish), super friendly staff, and laid back San Fran mentality.

What We Noticed: Community tables, quick service, to-go refrigerator with raw-goodies, abundant love notes & creative messages,

Needs Improvement: Everything we tried amazing here, with one exception, the bowl of cereal.

Top 5 Cafe Gratitude Must:

  • I AM LUSCIOUS Fresh brazil nut milk, dates, figs, cacao and vanilla $6.50 / raw cacao add $1
  • I AM GENEROUS* Spicy guacamole and salsa on a bed of mixed greens surrounded with flax chips $6
  • I AM HONORING Live nachos, Sunflower chili pate,’ guacamole, salsa, cashew sour cream and brazil nut parmesan served on greens w/flax chips $9
  • I AM DAZZLING Ceasar Salad with organic romaine, live croutons and a creamy avocado-pepper dressing, sprinkled with Brazil nut parmesan $7
  • I AM PRESENT Our nut cheese of the day served with apple slices, live crackers and bread with a taste of our olive tapenade on a bed of mixed greens $7


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