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Café Muse: Berkeley's Dining Revolution

Frontpage_1Berkeley went through its first dining revolution back in 1971. Now Café Muse, Berkeley's half-raw sensation, is bringing the second.

Via UC Berkeley News:

"Café Muse now features half a dozen raw dishes on its menu daily, along with a variety of more conventionally prepared sandwiches, soups, and salads."

"None of the ingredients in this or the other raw dishes are cooked above 110 degrees Fahrenheit — which means, essentially, that they’re not cooked at all. Foodies are familiar with this approach because of the success achieved by Roxanne Klein in her eponymous (and profoundly upscale) Marin County restaurant, Roxanne’s. And healthy-eating advocates have pursued raw-food regimens of one kind or another for years, though most have failed to reach a broader audience." Full Article.

Part of that broader reach comes back to food prices. It's no secret that organic/raw cuisine can get a little expensive. But with entree's staying under $6.50 its no wonder that Café Muse was recently awarded East Bay Express's: Most Affordable California Cuisine.

Café Muse - 510-548-4366
2625 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, California
(at the entrance to the Berkeley Art Museum)
Open Daily 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., Thursdays till 7 p.m.

More on Café Muse:


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