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Celebrating Fats: Uncooked VS Cooked

AvocadoFat is a crucial part of our diet. Most information today focuses on how fat should be cut out and how it leads to such things as strokes, heart attacks and many other syndromes.  What most don't realize is the importance and abundance of fat within our bodies.  Fats are the second most abundant substance in our bodies next to water!  That is huge considering that 70% of our bodies is water.  Fats are found in the membranes of our cells.  The very same cells that we make us who we are and allow us to function on a daily basis.  These same fats found in the membranes of our cells act as guardsmen and are very selective to which substances (i.e. vitamins, minerals) enter each cell, whether it is a kidney, liver or brain cell.

Most of our brain is fat.  During pregnancy it is this fat that the mother takes in that aids in building of the baby’s brain - very important of course.  Certain hormones are also manufactured from fat, hormones such as prostaglandins, which aid in the functioning of every cell in your body.  Fats not only aid in the absorption of vitamins, but play crucial role in transportation of substances throughout the body and helping insulation for all our organs.

There is a lot of hype out there about what fats are “good” and what fats are “bad”. Most of it is garbage. If you’re seriously interested in your health, remember this rule of thumb: Uncooked fats = good, Cooked fats = bad.

oWhether saturated (coconut oil) or unsaturated (hemp oil), uncooked fats are FAR superior to cooked saturated fats (cheese) and cooked unsaturated fats (canola oil).

When fats are cooked their structure is altered to form “acroleins, free radicals and other mutagens and carcinogens.” Not good news. Hey, if you are looking to stay young, beautiful and cancer free uncooked fats are the way to be!

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