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Good Nutrition Is All About Balance, Or Not

Being a rawfoodie, I get asked this question all the time, "But what about balance?"

To have balance you must have a scale of reference. For most people that nutritional scale is anything that some company or government says is "safe" to put in one's mouth. So on one end of the scale they have Iceberg lettuce and on the other end they have Skittles. This naturally makes the middle ground, aka the area of balance, look like the Standard America Diet of meat & potatoes.

Rawfooies have balance too. Just a different type of balance based on a different scale. However, instead of coming to that scale accidentally, (eating what others eat because some company told them it was okay), we've arrived to it purposefully, via education.

This isn't a raw-food rules, cook food drools rant. The raw-food scale is no better or worse than any other scale, it's just more sustainable, both individually and universally!

Different scales with different levels of balance have various results. The standard scale of cheese, Oreos, lettuce, potatoes, tuna, ham, milk, Skittles, bread, insect juice, puss, and rat poop leads to the unfavorable results of heart disease, cancer, candida, colds, mucus, anger, Alzheimer's, and more.

The raw scale of goji berries, kale, mangoes, blue berries, wheat grass, cacao, celery, tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, jack fruit, coconuts and so forth naturally lead to favorable results of clear thinking, dis-ease free living, compassion, and presence.

So remember kids - just because you can stick something in your mouth doesn't mean it should be included in your scale!


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