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How To Cut A Coconut (II of II)

Another solid video from Joel Odhner & rawlifeline.com, provider of shipped raw meals. This completes our two part series of How To Cut A Coconut.

Something to keep in mind about Thai Coconuts, they really aren't organic. It is pretty well understood that they are dipped into a solution of sodium meta bisulfite. What does that mean? Fungicide. How much of that fungicide actually makes its way to the coconut water is uncertain, but it is totally something to keep in mind.

If this bugs you and you are looking for an alternative for raw-recipes, try 100% organic coconut oil or talk to Denise Mari over at OrganicAvenue.com and ask her for information on their Organic Green Coconuts from Florida!


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I like your vids on how to get the coconut water out of the coconut, but you are showing a coconut that has already been de-shelled. How do you get the shell off and that bullet shaped cylinder to start with?



Actually they sell those coconuts (already de-shelled) in the China Town markets and in most whole foods.

Ann Gunn

I think that coconut water directly from the coconut is the best, but if you are traveling it is not always convenient. Do you know if drinking a product like O.N.E. 100% Coconut Water is equivalent. Do raw foodist consider it a raw food?

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