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Jason Cooked, Jason Raw

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howdy Jason!!

WOW!! Congrat'S on your new lifestyle and journey!! i really admire you for making changes cuase wow thats a really hard thing to doo and you did it in such a short time tooo!! thats super amazing times ten to the infinity squared!! :0) i really admire you for such a brave change!! congrats!!!!!! well i know for sure that ull have an amazing life from now.. cuase uve done really good soo far!! congrats

Adam Rochman

Jasohn- Bagel's are here!!! NOT!!! you look stupendous! keep up the good work champ! we are all proud of you! love, wingy, crisco, lucky, paige, pheebe and owen

Merradyth McCallister

Please put me on your e-mail list so I can pass on your info. I teach ph balancing at OU College of Nursing on Oct 21 2005 at the 2nd annual Holistic Health Fair in Okc, Okla.
I'm also teaching "urine therapy" based on Martha Christy's book "Your Own Perfect Medicine" at the conference--goes along so well with the concept of raw food for healing.


Diane Smith

I met you at the Raw Food Take Out on Irving Place
last month with my sister, Patty from California.

You spoke of a cleanse and now that I have been raw for
more than 30 days I would like to do it. Please
send me how I can obtain the 30 day detox you took.

It seems that I need a kick start I have only lost 4 lb
the last two weeks after losing 20 the first two.

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