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Joel Cooked, Joel Raw


Open an email, title it "OMG!" and forward these photos to a friend.

We've been pimping Joel Odhner & rawlifeline.com a lot recently. But these before and after photos are just way to AMAZING to hold back!

If raw-food & presence could do this for Joel, what the heck could it do for you?

Not only was Joel overweight and un-healthy, (hey, he's a good friend, we can call it like it is) but he was also addicted to cocaine. Not only did his addiction cause a state of total chaos in his body, but it almost tore apart his family as well.

Many people come into the world of raw-food expecting to loose some weight and gain access to some more energy - flash forward a little while later and they are a completely different person. And we aren't just talking physically.

Raw-food is the ultimate brand/product. Vain enough for our beauty crazed culture, enlightening enough for global consciousness.

Good stuff Joel!


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