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Raw Drama: Quintessence Owner Caught In The "Raw"

DanhoytWhat the heck is going on in NYC? Via New York Daily News.

Cops want to question a Manhattan restaurant owner after getting numerous tips that he's the subway flasher caught in the act by camera phone, police sources said last night.

Nearly two dozen people have phoned the Daily News and the NYPD to say they believe Dan Hoyt, co-owner of raw-food eateries called Quintessence, is the man whose photo appeared on the cover of Saturday's paper.

Investigators contacted Hoyt by phone and asked him to come in for an interview, NYPD sources said. No arrests have been made.

Hoyt did not return The News' calls, and his business partner and ex-wife, Tolentin Chan, said, "It's not proven yet." Full Article


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Yikes! That's not good.

Cythia Bright

6 yrs ago! Does this really still need to be up here? If I had rebuilt my life like he did, I would not want these things around now that I have developed a whole new life.
From what I see Mr Hoyt has been doing nothing but great things for the past 5 years.
This is useless non productive, bad energy stuff that has no place on a cool good energy site like Give It To Me Raw.

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