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Raw, Single & Ready to Mingle

RawcouplesEating a raw-food diet is about so much more than just the food. It's about a lifestyle that encompasses a particular type of mentality. This doesn't mean you have to eat raw-food to have this mentality, it just means that people who eat raw, amongst others, tend to be present to this mentality.

Anyway. If you are single and into raw and looking for someone who is single and into raw, what do you do? Well it turns out that quite a few beautiful women and men can be found on some popular (and free) raw-food & and raw-food friendly sites.

Here are a few:

The Nature's First Law Personals tend to attract many quality people from all over the world. One thing is very evident from a quick skim through of the site - they definitely have the Eating For Beauty audience

Veggiedate.org is not exclusively raw, but it does have a raw search preference. Quiet a few interesting rawfoodist can be found here.

The Living-Foods.com personals are pretty much a waste of time. They don't show photos and the design of the site is kinda boring.

Although MySpace & Friendster are targeted more towards youth, but both websites are excellent way of networking with others and joining raw-food group.

And don't forget about Meetup.com. This excellent site organizes people based on interests and schedules monthly get-together. For a raw-food Meetup in your area, click here.


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