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Reversing Prostate Cancer

A team from the University of California in San Francisco recently conducted a study where they placed on group of men with prostate cancer in a control group and changed their lifestyle by having them adopt a vegan diet (mostly cooked) and do some yoga.

The results? Via foodnavigator.com

"After one year, PSA levels (a protein marker for prostate cancer) decreased in the group who had changed their lifestyle...."

"Further, they found that serum from the participants inhibited prostate tumour growth in vitro by 70 per cent...."

"Again, there was a direct correlation between the degree of lifestyle change and the inhibition of prostate tumour growth."

Question: Why isn't this all over the news? If Merk developed a drug that did this, our nation's media would be all over this!

So, our dear blog reader, it is up to us to spread the news. I don't normally give out homework assignments on here, but make a point to mention this to 5 people today and ask them to share the news with anyone they know that could benefit from the information as well.


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