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What's In Your Colon?


According to the good people over at blessedherbs.com, if you've been eating processed and cooked foods for most of your life, chances are you have one of these bad-boys backed up in your colon. A nice mixture of fecal matter and who-knows-what.

Dr. Bernard Jensen's book, Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management:

"The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host of putrefaction. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances. Here is the beginning of true autointoxication on a physiological level. This accumulation can have the consistency of truck tire rubber. It's that hard and black."

When you use an intestinal cleansing kit to help you "drop your lining", just be aware that it make take several rounds of cleansing to do the trick. We know Jason did not drop his lining on his attempt with the Ejuva cleanse. Maybe on his second try he'll be successful. We'll let you know, but I don't think we'd be courageous enough to take photos.


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