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The Desire for Complexity

Humanity loves complexity. Case in point:

Left-Handedness May Raise Breast Cancer Risk

SUNDAY, Sept. 25 (HealthDay News) -- Women who are left-handed may be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

"Our aim was to try to shed some more light on a possible cause for breast cancer, and we were able to show that left-handedness may play a role (among many other causes for breast cancer)," said Dr. Cuno Uiterwaal

News flashes like these tend to get a lot of press. Why? Because we as a species love drama! We so deeply want to believe that our health problems couldn't be our fault. We want to believe we are victims of some virus from a far land or a genetic defect that we had no control over. So the result is unnecessary complexity.

Left-Handedness may raise breast cancer risk? Are you kidding me? No, it couldn't possibly be that genetically modified Kentucky Fried Chicken you ate the other night or the loads of prescription drugs you take to survive.

I'm not tossing around judgments. I'm just laughing out loud about the absurdity that we create by feeding our desire for complexity. Feeding the desire to constantly look for an answer outside of ourselves.

One of the reasons rawfood works because it's simple and its real. Like energy attracts like energy. What you take in effects the way your body works. Take in crap and eventually you get...

One of the fundamental principles of health, is your body never makes a mistake. Everything it does, it does for a reason. All diseases, including breast cancer, are a result of your body dealing with toxicity from food, emotions and the environment. Fix the toxicity, and you fix the disease (I can't say cure because I heard you can get sued for that).


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