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Breast Cancer Enlightenment

Rawfoodbreastcancer_2What could be better than wearing a ribbon, donating some money, getting a mammogram, and tell others to do the same?

Welcome to Breast Cancer Enlightenment Month
Yes, it's official, October is Breast Cancer Enlightenment Month here at We Like It Raw. Why Enlightenment over Awareness?

43,300 estimated deaths this year in the United States alone, billions of dollars spent on research and no cure in sight. Nor will their be one in the future through our current medical approach.

Our doctors and researchers see what they are trained to see and right now they aren't trained to look in all the wrong areas. Breast Cancer Enlightenment Month is about getting real about health and embracing the reality that lifestyle* is the cause of 99% of disease.

More than anything it is about bringing life saving education directly to the people and empowering them to take their health, and all joy that comes with it, into their own hands.

Let the enlightenment begin!

*Lifestyle = food, air, water, living conditions and emotions.


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