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How To Preserve Your Rawfood (Aloe)

Via Joel Odhner's Weekly RawFood Tip Email

AloegelrawfoodHow To Preserve Your Rawfood
Aloe vera gel (whole leaf & bottled gel) could be used to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables. While the gel is best known for its healing properties on burned or irritated skin, researchers in Spain have found it can also be used as an edible coating that can preserve the quality and safety of produce. It does not seem to affect the taste or appearance of food.

It could therefore be a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to the synthetic preservatives that are now applied to produce after harvesting.

Preserved Grapes
The researchers dipped table grapes into Aloe vera gel, and then stored them for five weeks at low temperature. Another group of grapes was left untreated, but was exposed to the same conditions.

The untreated grapes deteriorated within a week, but the coated grapes remained well-preserved for up to five weeks. They were firmer, had less weight loss, and less color change than the untreated grapes. Gel-treated grapes were also generally superior in taste.

A Natural Barrier

It is believed that the gel primarily works by acting as a natural barrier to moisture and oxygen. But it also appears to contain antibiotic and anti-fungal compounds that can inhibit microorganisms responsible for food-borne illness.

Safe for Human Consumption
Organic Aloe Vera is safe for human consumption. According to Rawfood All-Star David Wolfe, "Aloe will purify the blood and liver as well as soothe the colon and help heal ulcers, colitis, and hemorrhoids. Due to its strong effects in cleansing the liver, pregnant women and young children should not take aloe vera internally."


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