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Is It Organic? Well, Maybe

This NY Times article is getting tons of circulation on the internet today, (thx tipsters Mamta Jain. & Ami Bhatt).

According to this article, many "organic labeled products" are less than 95 percent organic, but are still claiming the organic title. But have no fear, "Dr. Bronner's, the maker of soaps with organic oils, helped force the Agriculture Department to apply its organic foods standards to beauty products."

Is It Organic? Well, Maybe (Needs Registration)
NY Times - By Jessica Merrill

HUNDREDS of soaps, shampoos and skin creams call themselves organic, but their labels have long been confusing, even misleading. A moisturizing cream might be made with organic kiwi, strawberries, jojoba oil and aloe vera, but then mixed with synthetic preservatives. No government agency checked whether the ingredients were truly organic.

But now the Agriculture Department is applying its strict organic food standards to personal care products too. Two months ago, after years of wavering, the agency's National Organic Program declared that cosmetics can also be labeled with the familiar round, two-tone "U.S.D.A. Organic" seal.

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