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Juicing for Jesus

JesusrawfoodThe history between diet and spirituality is nothing new, so it's no wonder the rawfood movement is building a strong following amongst Christians.

Has anyone reading this blog entered the world of rawfood through religious study? How do you feel about the connection between diet and spirituality?

Juicing For Jesus (Gonzaga Bulletin): Matthew Yarnell of Lilac Juice & Smoothie Co. shows that being healthy can be a spiritual experience.

"We wanted to be able to offer healthy alternatives to the standard, American diet that is so prevalent," Yarnell said. He got the idea from a lay-ministry program at Whitworth which had asked him to do a nutritional program in a church context - thus, Yarnell started Healthy Course Ministries, which places emphasis on raw foods and juicing. As for the store itself, it was just a natural development from that.
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