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More important than peace of mind?

How could your diet be more important than your peace of mind? FYI: emotional stress takes a far deeper toll on the body than food stress.

If you're trying to eat raw and loosing peace of mind in the process, do your mind and the world a favor and stop. Take a break from the excessive mental noise (aka mind chatter) and just let things be.

When the time is right, you'll know when that is, simply begin to notice why you are loosing your peace of mind. Most likely it is because you've turned your version of health into an image with HUGE attached expectations. The stress, therefore, is coming because you are worried about not following through with that image of yourself you have in your head. Thus you try hard.

I don't know anyone who has peace of mind & true health that actually "tries hard" to be healthy. In fact they do what they do because they don't have to do what they do.

Think about that one for a bit, actually take that back, don't think about it.


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