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More on the Raw-Food Tipping Point

This past Tuesday I opened my local (un-hip) Delaware paper, The News Journal, and found a front page story on becoming vegetarian with multiple references to raw-food.

Yesterday morning I flew to Orlando, Florida to spend time with my uncle. I got a little hungry so I went shopping at mainstream health food stores that had a good amount of organic produce. While there I found two different types of raw-chocolate, two types of raw-agave, and at least five types of raw-food bars. When I went to checkout my cashier, who wasn't anywhere near a hippie, told me she loves raw-food and had experimented making flax crackers on several occasions. We joked a bit about Juliano and both left with smiles.

Yesterday afternoon my uncle and I were hanging out at Blue Springs State Park and a woman named Natalie randomly swam up to us while we were sitting on the dock and started talking about her "kinda weird" diet. Natalie was inspired by Kevin Trudeau book, Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About, and started eating organic which eventually led to more raw.

Today morning my uncle told me that owner of the local pet food store is a vegetarian who only feeds her cat raw-food aka the BARF Diet. After she saw the amazing effects the diet had on her cat, she started to research more about humans eating raw-food.

More and more of these events are happening each week. I know I'm the editor of a raw-food blog, but are these isolated coincidences or something bigger? Now one can be sure, but it just feels something is huge is happening. Food is meeting consciousness.

My bet is that the next biggest leap in the world raw-food will come from pet owners. It is much easier to feed your pet raw than working up the discipline to do it yourself. But once you see how your cat's leukemia is reversed through diet, you start thinking twice about that hamburger you ate for lunch.


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