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Raw Agave Nectar

Rawagavenectar_1[Note the pricing information from this blog post has been removed. Please contact Madhava directly about retail pricing]

There has been some talk about Madhava not being 100% raw, but We Like IT Raw has spoke with the President of Madhava on several occasions and we are confident that their raw agave is indeed raw.

Know of any other good agave deals? Email us or post your tip in the comments section.



The average price for 16 fluid oz of agave, at most other places, is $12.95

Gayle Holback

I have used Agave Nectar to sweeten soy ice cream--yummy for the tummy!!!

I would LOVE to be able to get agave nectar for the prices you mention (1 gal. $29 and 5 gal.$98) How can I do that??

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