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Bird Flu Pandemic & Super Food Man

Birdflu_1It's A Bird, It's A Plane.....No.....It's David Wolfe, aka Avocado, aka Super Food Man, here to dispel our fears and worries surrounding all this Bird Flu misinformation.

Check out David's free Bird Flu and disaster preparation audio interview over at  www.thebestdayever.com

Topics David covers:

  • The #1 Anti-Viral food everyone needs to have (and grow) in case a pandemic should strike.
  • Cheap, easy to find herbs you need to stock pile IMMEDIATELY!
  • The danger of making your immune system work too hard - and how to achieve a comfortable balance that will protect you from the flu.
  • How to "deodorize" garlic so you get the benefit of its super-immune building properties without the smell!
  • The secret Native American herb that has been used successfully in past pandemics.

Audio Files: