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Buy Nothing Day

For many Americans today is officially the start of the holiday seasons, Black Friday. A day of sales, shopping and 'good old' American holiday hoopla.

For a select, but growing, minority today is actually Buy Nothing Day. A day of raising consumer awareness, "of what many see as the wasteful consumption habits of First World countries." See Video.

I think Buy Nothing Day is very interesting, but probably under a different context then it's main backer, AdBusters, does. I think of Buy Nothing Day as an intentional high school prank by a few kids that are trying to get the attention of both the student body and the administrators. Sure it's great to get the attention, but it maybe not have sustainability as an actual solution. Which is fine. Some campaigns are solutions while others raise awareness and are catalyst for solutions to emerge.

Enter someone like William McDonough who not only believes, but has shown that you can use good design to make products that are good for the earth, good for the business and good for the people. Which is amazing!

Let's face it, reduce, reuse and recycle can only get us so far. After a while we are still reducing, reusing, and recycling products that weren't designed intentionally from the beginning. Do we really want our kid's playgrounds lined with toxic tire bits just because some environmentalist thought it would be a good solution to the excess of tires laying in landfills? As McDonough puts it, "Being less bad isn't being good."

So if it feels good, take a break today from the lines, chaos and noise and just chill, (I know I will). And if you can't or don't want to, here are a few places I recommend because the products they carry are about being good, (we don't get any kick backs =).

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