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Does Raw Keep You From Getting Laid?

Every so often I browse through the most popular rawfood forums in search of little "discussion gems". Let's say it wasn't hard to find this one.

Does Raw Keep You From Getting Laid? by Plunkan @ the NFL Forums

I have found that a surprisingly large number of women are turned off by the fact that I eat raw meat and will not go out to eat silly cooked dinners with them all the time. Even though I know they are secretly turned on by my barbaric behavior, they do not seem to give in to their primal urges as often as I would like. I wish their sub-concious mind would just open up and admit to their conscious mind how much they really in truly want this(me). At this rate, my army of children (servants) is going to take a long time to make. I don't even have one yet.

Eat it raw, son.

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