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Karen's 10 Tips for Going Raw


Karen Knowler, raw food coach extraordinaire from the UK, list out her Top 10 Tips for going raw.

  1. Only bring more raw foods in to your diet if you are ready for change. Eating more raw food is going to give your more energy and make you think more clearly, so you have to have plenty of ideas for what to do with that!

  2. Start gradually by replacing your usual cooked breakfast with any of the following: unlimited fresh fruit; fresh fruit smoothie; freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice; fresh almond milk (blend 3 parts water with 1 part almonds then strain); rehydrated prunes, apricots and figs topped with fresh almond milk.

  3. Buy a book on the subject that will give you a good overview of the subject as well as recipe ideas and what you can expect. Recommended reading: Feel-Good Food by Susie Miller and Karen Knowler and Eat Smart Eat Raw by Kate Wood (both available from The Fresh Network).

Keep reading Karen's tips at her raw food blog.

A little about Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler is the UK's Top Raw Food Coach, author, presenter, MD of The Fresh Network (The UK's raw and living foods organisation), founder of The Fresh Festival and editor of Get Fresh! magazine. Karen has appeared on LK Today (GMTV), Channel Health, The Wellbeing Channel, Rude Health, LBC radio and Radio 4, as well as appearing regularly in the press in her capacity as raw food expert and food/life coach. Karen lives near Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.


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