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Karma Cuisine - Boulder, CO

Karmacuisine_3My good friend Mamta, who on any given day is in 3 cities, is always hooking up We Like It Raw with the hottest tips. This one comes to us from Boulder, CO.

"I had the most beautiful raw and veggie meal last night at Karma Cuisine in Boulder, CO. Have you been there/heard of it? I got a copy of the menu to share with you. Everything is veggie, a few vegan options, and two raw entrees (both were absolutely delicious). They had one raw dessert option, which was also spectacular. Awesome vibe in the place -- dim lighting, candle-lit tables, it's a step up from veggie cafes/delis but not quite as classy as Pure Food and Wine. Two tables offer window seating where you take your shoes off, sit on plush mats, and enjoy a beautiful meal."

"Across the street was a place called Ideal Market -- a mom and pop version of Whole Foods -- awesome to see independent business owners. I bought a few all-natural Ayurvedic skin care products. Love Boulder!"

How awesome is that? Thanks Mamta!

Karma Cuisine
1911 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80302

P.S. Mamta is not single, so please no emails. =)


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