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Little Earth Cafe Reviewed


We Like It Raw squad member Vinit Talsania was recently globe trotting through the UK on his way to India. While there Vinit sent us his review of UK's first raw food restaurant, Little Earth Cafe.

The best dishes where actually the ones we picked. The Tortilla wrap and sushi. The taste of the tortilla was very similar to Pure Food & Wines. Simple yet VERY tasty. The place is only a juice bar right now inside of the Tri-Yoga Center, but the owner said she is looking for a new place where they can have an actual restaurant. She initially got interested in raw food while staying with some raw chefs in Hawaii. She is not 100% raw food nor does she believe in being 100%. She is the one in the middle of the picture and her staff on both sides (see above). The vibe in the place really nice and definitely recommend visiting  it if you are ever in London. My friend Viraj, who is from Long island, came along with me and loved it!

More photos from Little Earth Cafe here